Life hacks, beauty tips, tape worm diets, and astral projection. The Courtney Show is an Existential Nightmare Play, performed on a Youtube Livestream. After a long hiatus, a disgraced pageant queen/makeup guru returns for a special tell-all Livestream to explain her absence, as she packs her bags for her first pageant in years. As Courtney’s anxiety for the pageant grows, distant traumas resurface, and she realizes something isn’t quite right. She doesn’t recognize her audience, she can’t remember the last time she left her bedroom, and her self-implanted tapeworm is getting increasingly agitated.

Along with the Youtube stream, viewers follow Courtney’s Instagram, which she updates throughout the show to offer deeper insights into her story. The show culminates in two diverging perspectives, which occur on Instagram Live and Youtube Live simultaneously.

The Courtney Show was produced by THIS IS NOT A THEATRE COMPANY, and played three performances on Youtube in April 2018.


Motivational speakers join forces to figure out a way to engage increasingly disillusioned audiences as an incurable disease ravages the world around them.